Interior design is the art of decorating the interior of a house, office, or any other architectural space. Some learners have gained a great deal of lessons from studying Interior design. They include:
1. Interior designers London ( learns how to work with the surroundings. They do so by understanding design limitations, familiarizing with the size and scale of the room and considering the environment. This in turn helps narrow down the choices based on the space available.
2. Another great lesson learnt is personalizing of space. The designers learn how to make a room reflect whom they are. They achieve this by accessorizing with items that reflect their hobbies and interest. You may be surprised to discover for example that styling an outfit is not too different from decorating a room. This brings out the designer’s personality through his work.
apartment interior designer london3. Keeping comfort in mind is another skill learnt through interior design London. Designers learn comfort is key thus strive to make a room as comfortable as possible. They learn that in interior design it essential to ensure that their pieces of design are not only pretty but also comfortable to their clients.
4. In learning interior design London, one learns how to stick with the classics. This gets done by incorporating pieces that have been in existence for a long time that gives them the freedom to translate them to evolving design styles. In this situation, there are many ways of transforming an older classic shaped piece of furniture. There are non-ending possibilities when it comes to updating antique piece.
5. Interior designers London ( learn that less is more. This is by keeping their design simple. This helps to avoid overcrowding their space. To do so they have to edit items in each room thus making the area to appear cleaner and bigger.

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